What’s more fun than a dress to match with your dolly?

Ribbons & Ruffles: Dresses for Her and her Doll specializes in hand-crafted boutique pillowcase dresses for  girls and their dollies!  Expert seamstress and doll lover, Laura Semerano, combined her love for children and her love for dolls and began designing beautiful dresses for both!   Using only high-quality, designer fabrics,  dresses can be custom ordered by length and fabric choice to create the perfect dress for your little one.  Email Laura at laurasemerano@yahoo.com  or call  (770) 442-2118 to order.

Pricing Guide
Child’s Pillowcase Dress:  $25
Doll Pillowcase Dress (fits up to 18″) :  $7
Child and Doll matching dress set: $30 (SAVE $2!)


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just bought my daughter her first me&dolly matching pillowcase dresses at the Sprayberry craft show! She was very excited to see it on her doll when we got home. I’ll send a pic soon. Thanks! – Angela

  2. Katrina said:

    I love all of the designs!!

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